How Can I Test This? an app with microservices

“How Can I Test This?” is a book that contains examples of how to test different sites and apps along with test heuristics applied, the reasoning as well as ideas for which tools will help testing. The book aims to be useful both to new testers and to more experienced testers, and has just been published on Lean Publishing.

The book already has great testimonials from Federico Toledo and Julia Pottinger:

Each chapter gives an example of how to test a different application or site and covers the features to be tested, heuristics to apply, any assumptions made, how to limit scope and what tools to use. 

I am really pleased to have contributed a chapter to the book. I wrote the chapter by drawing on my experience and from my reading of one of Gerry Weinberg’s books. 

I have been testing an app with a microservices architecture and I have used my chapter in the book to share what I have learned about testing an app that has a microservices architecture. Testing an application that has a microservices architecture can’t only focus on the UI. Microservices are increasingly used and they provide new opportunities and challenges for testing. I hope that testers find the ideas in my chapter for testing microservices useful.

Writing the chapter has enabled me to clarify my thoughts in a way that I have found useful and I hope others do too. Reviews of the chapter were so helpful and I have learned a lot from the process of writing the chapter. I would like to thank the reviewers: Lisi Hocke and Phil Wong.

I would also like to thank Nicola Lindgren for leading the process of producing the book.This has involved her in a lot of work in many different roles, including being the project manager and promoting the book, all of which she has done brilliantly.

I hope that you read the book “How Can I Test This?” and that the examples in the book are useful to you in your role as a testing professional. 

The book is available here:

Published by Mike Harris

Mike has been working in testing for 20 years and is currently the lone tester for Geckoboard. He has been a Test Lead and has also worked as a part of waterfall, lean and agile teams. He is also Programme Secretary of BCS SIGiST. Mike has a B.Sc.(HONS) from Middlesex University and is an Associate of the University of Hertfordshire. He has set up and led a Testing Community of Practice and been part of a successful agile transition. He is Co-Programme Chair of the British Computer Society’s Specialist Interest Group in Software Testing. He also contributed to the e-book Testing Stories and has had articles published by the Ministry of Testing. Follow Mike on Twitter: @TestAndAnalysis

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